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Looking to replace or upgade furniture?
Come in and browse our 1/2 acre
showroom located on historic Harry
Hines Boulevard in Dallas. Call ahead
and let us know what you are looking
for so our team can make the buying
process easier, maximizing our time



Looking to Replace or Upgrade Furniture? Are You Moving or Going Out of Business?

• WE BUY: Commercial grade desks, chairs, files, conference tables, lounge seating, and more, which is in good shape and suitable for being used in the next office.

• WE DO NOT BUY: Chairs that are an unappealing color, torn, damaged or stained, or have casters missing. Files or cabinets that are bent, or missing handles or lock cores. Desks that have large chips, or white rings on the top, or missing handles or drawer fronts. No furniture from the “big box” stores. Items that are proven slow sellers in the resale market.

• 12 ITEMS OR LESS: It usually costs us more to pick up the furniture than it is worth. So we have nothing left to pay you for the furniture. If you would like to have the furniture delivered to us for inspection you must send pictures to with your phone number. We must pre-approve the delivery/shipment. We do not accept unauthorized deliveries.

• MORE THAN 12 ITEMS: If we are interested in your surplus we may ask for a site inspection. Send pictures to with your number and we will contact you. No large files please.

If we are interested in purchasing your surplus, you will receive a written buy/sell agreement from us specifying the terms of the agreement and the price offered for your surplus furniture. Upon your approval our professional, insured removal team will schedule pickup. Payment is made by check after receipt of goods is verified. You have the choice of picking up payment or having us mail it.

Fully Insured • Professional • Prompt Removal

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