4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Office Chairs

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If you’re like the typical office worker, you spend a good amount of time sitting. Whether it’s reading documents, looking at a computer screen, or talking to clients, it’s natural to stay comfortably seated throughout the work day.

But if you find yourself with some aches and pains or frequent fidgets, you’d probably benefit from a new office chair.

When you’re ready to shop for a new office chair, make sure you consider these four things:

Can the Office Chair Adjust for Different Users and Needs?

Adjustable chairs create a more personalized sitting experience. Sounds fancy? It’s not; it’s just good common sense.

No two bodies are exactly alike, so why pretend one chair fits all? Look for an office chair that you can adjust in multiple places, like the height, armrests, and seat slider. The end result will be a seat that works with your body as you sit and complete your work throughout the day.

And with a few minor adjustments, you’ll be able to find flexible seating for when you’re changing tasks and need different support.

Does the Office Chair Offer Lumbar Support?

The lower back is one of the places where people feel the most stiffness, aches, and pains as they sit for hours. Technically, the lower back is the lumbar region of the body, so when you hear that an office chair has lumbar support, that means it supports your lower spine and promotes proper posture.

Look for an office chair that keeps a natural curve of your spine and discourages a forward slouch. Adjustable lumbar support is an added benefit that will allow you to find the best curve for a posture that feels right to you.

You’ll appreciate choosing a chair that alleviates your aches and pains.

Is the Office Chair Comfortable and Breathable?

Nothing would be worse than spending good money on an ergonomic chair with adjustable support, only to find that it just isn’t comfortable once you sit on it. 

How do you know if an office chair will feel good when you’re seated? If you’re in a store, try them out. If you’re going to order online, you can still go to a store and see what materials and cushions you like best.

The most breathable chairs are made out of mesh, and memory foam cushions are a great upgrade for a supportable seat.

How Will the Chair Look in Your Office Space?

Function is usually better than form, but appearance still matters when you’re looking for a new piece of furniture. 

Once you’ve found office chairs with the features and support you need, you can narrow down your options by looking at the color and style to one that complements your office’s existing furniture and feel. 

But ultimately, don’t sacrifice a chair’s support for one that’s the right color.

For comfortable and stylish office chair options, visit our showroom or call us at 214-904-9045.


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