4 Myths About Standing Desks, Debunked

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The popularity of standing desks and adjustable height desks has grown considerably over the years. As with any widespread movement, myths and misconceptions have clouded the truth about standing while working.

Here are four of the most common assumptions surrounding standing desks.

You Must Stand All Day For Health Benefits

A common misconception about standing while working is that you need to stand for eight hours or more to reap health benefits. In reality, standing without enough rest can have detrimental effects similar to those of a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s healthy to take breaks from standing by walking or sitting. Adjustable height desks are superior to standing desks, as you can change the height when you want to work sitting or standing. Adjustable height desks are also highly customizable and easy to set at the most comfortable levels for workers of various heights.

Standing While Working Causes Joint Pain

A common misconception is that working in front of standing desks will cause joint pain or fatigue.

Fatigue and pain are results of standing still without taking breaks or from working on a hard surface. Standing is beneficial for your health and productivity, although standing for hours at a time is counterproductive and causes problems.

These issues are easy to solve with frequent sitting breaks on a functional office chair that supports your back.

While you are standing, an anti fatigue mat helps cushion your feet against a hard floor to eliminate aches and discomfort.

Standing Is Just As Unhealthy As Sitting

At first glance, some people assume that standing at a desk is no healthier than sitting at one. After all, you are still not walking around whether you are sitting in a chair or not.

However, standing does offer considerable health benefits that sitting does not. Staying on your feet requires more muscle engagement, and you will likely move more by shifting from foot to foot while standing, adding some much-need circulation to your workday. It’s more natural for our bodies to spend more time standing and active than sitting still. It is also easier to keep good posture while on your feet instead of slumping back in a chair.

It’s Distracting To Be On Your Feet

Some people assume that standing is detrimental to work productivity, as it is more distracting than relaxing in a chair.

However, the opposite is true. When you sit for an entire workday, the lack of blood circulation and annoying sensations of discomfort or pain intrude on your workflow and decrease efficiency.

Getting on your feet after sitting for a while is a pleasant way to stretch your legs and refresh productivity without stagnating.

Many myths circulate on the internet and during in-person discussions regarding the effects and benefits of adjustable and standing desks. In truth, adjustable desks are an excellent addition to every at-home or in-office workplace to enhance concentration and increase physical health.

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