4 Tips to Decluttering Your Desk for Better Productivity

Is your desk flooded with random objects from papers and pens to receipts and rubber bands? We’ve all been there at some point.

Too much clutter can stress you out, impact your focus and dampen your mood. If you have been feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed while working, a messy office could be part of the reason.

Here are four easy desk organization tips to start clearing your office today.

Set A Timer

Do you feel hopeless when you look at haphazard stacks of books and magazines among other odds and ends? Messes can look discouragingly complicating, which causes many people to feel like cleaning up is a waste of effort.

To overcome this, try setting a timer for 1

0 or 20 minutes. As you put items back into their proper places and throw out old pens, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in just a few minutes.

You can make desk organization a habit by taking just five minutes each week to tidy up before clutter gathers.

Sort Items Into Groups

To ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed, try separating objects into groups. For instance, put disposable things like scraps of paper into one box or garbage bag and recyclable objects in another.

When you sort your stuff into categories, cleaning up will become simple and far less stressful. You can start by getting rid of junk, removing recyclables, and then putting misplaced items back where they belong.

Get A File Cabinet

Loose papers are one of the top culprits to accumulating clutter. However, it is nice to keep important documents close by so that you can reference them as needed,

A slim pedestal file cabinet is an ideal tool for helping you keep your home office tidy. In addition to a drawer for files and folders, the top drawer includes a tray where you can store your extra pencils and pens. Small mobile file cabinets can sit in a corner or under your desk for tidiness and convenience.

Personalize Your Desk

Since your desk is the center of your workspace, keeping a clean, tidy desk is your top priority. After decluttering your desk, leave essentials such as your lamp, computer, and phone out and keep extra items and decorations to a minimum.

While a messy desk harms your productivity while working, a bare, sterile workspace can make your job feel dull and unstimulating. Keeping a plant, family photo, or an aesthetic ornament on your desktop is a way to add life to your work environment without cluttering it. With familiar, pleasant decorations around, your work experience will be enhanced.

It is all too easy to slowly accumulate random items on your desk. These four desk organization tips will help you begin tidying up.

Once you get started, decluttering is much easier than it looks. After you’re done, your office will be a space that promotes comfort and creativity.

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