Is Sitting Down the New Smoking?

We all know how unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and eating sugary foods are for us. Working from home causes many of us to become sedentary, sitting for hours at a time without pause. You may have even heard that sitting is as harmful as smoking. So what really happens to your body when you are sedentary? Here is how your office job could be harming your health.

Physical Dangers of Being Sedentary

Many Americans sit for at least seven hours per day at their jobs. Many leisure activities include even more sitting, and people may be sedentary for most of their waking hours each day. Cardiovascular disease is one of the dangerous health risks that daily sitting causes. Strokes and heart problems are a couple forms of cardiovascular disease that are increasingly common in today’s sedentary world. Sedentary habits also increase your likelihood of dealing with health conditions such as cancer, obesity, and osteoporosis. The seemingly innocent act of sitting all day is surprisingly dangerous for your health.

Poor Mental Health

Have you found yourself feeling gloomy or anxious lately? A sedentary lifestyle could rob you of your good mood. Anxiety, depression, and stress get worse for people who sit a lot. Being seated for too long is mentally unengaging and lowers your sense of well-being. If you do not exercise regularly, sitting can make you feel even worse than if you are active. Even if you work from home on your own schedule, make sure to get up once or twice each hour to stretch your legs and look away from your desk.

Exercise Cannot Undo Sedentary Health Risks

The most harmful aspect of a sedentary lifestyle is the length of time you stay seated. Even if you run, do yoga, or lift weights, sitting too much without a break will still harm you. This does not mean that exercise has no positive effects if you sit most of the day. Even fifteen minutes of moderate exercise a few times a week can improve your health. However, the best way to stay healthy is to pair regular exercise with standing breaks throughout your workdays.

How You Can Reduce Time Sitting

While remaining seated all day comes with many health risks, do not worry. You can work from home while keeping healthy. When you are working and unable to take a break anytime soon, an adjustable desk comes in handy. For 20 minutes each hour, increase your desk height to stand while working. As long as you make sure to take your breaks and work standing at intervals, you can stay fit and healthy.

While unhealthy sedentary habits and office work are often connected, they do not need to be. You can work remotely from home without sacrificing your health. With an ergonomic office chair for posture and an adjustable desk for standing, you can stay active and healthy in the office.

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