5 Ways to Feel Better Physically at the Office

Discomfort and reduced flexibility are common side effects of sedentary work. If you are like most office workers, you have probably dealt with one or both of these issues at some point in your career.

Does working from home mean you have to accept feeling uncomfortable? Not at all. Here are five ways to feel better physically at the office.

1. Stretch Daily

Many people associate stretching with sports and athletics. However, light daily stretching is good for everyone regardless of how much you exercise. When you work seated all day, it’s easy for your muscles and joints to lose flexibility. When you lose limberness, you will feel uncomfortable and more likely to accidentally pull a muscle. Stretches that target your back, sides, upper body, and legs are essential for every office worker.

2. Take A Stand

Did you know that integrating standing into your workday is enough to fight chronic pain? Standing increases your blood circulation and keeps your joints and muscles limber. This is why standing desks have become popular among people who work from home. Sitting too much has many annoying effects, from stiffness and lethargy to chronic pain and illness. Functional desks with adjustable features are even better than standing-only desks. Instead of needing two desks in your office, you can change one adjustable desk’s level to accommodate sitting or standing work.

3. Replace Your Office Chair

Do you have back pain and a cheap office chair? Working from home should never be uncomfortable. Throw your old chair out the door and replace it with an ergonomic alternative. Chairs with an ergonomic design match the shape of your spine so that you can lean back and relax with excellent posture. Depending on which you prefer, you can get a chair with or without a headrest.

4. Optimize Your Computer Screens

Do you wish you could elevate your monitors to a more comfortable level? With a monitor arm, you can accomplish this easily. Monitor arms are versatile office accessories that enable you to angle your screens however you like. You can also adjust one or more monitors to the perfect height so that you do not hurt your neck looking down at them.

5. Untangle Electronic Wires

Are you sick of bending down for extended periods to fight with the seemingly endless tangles of charging cords? Unmanageable knots of wires are not just a figurative pain in the neck. They are also a safety hazard. If you have too many cords out, you might trip on them. Fortunately, there are solutions. An adjustable frame cover conceals all your charging cords neatly beneath your desk. You can also customize your office by adding a magnetic wire manager wherever it’s convenient.

Discomfort does not need to be a part of having an at-home office job. These five solutions will help you reach your goal of a comfortable working life.

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