4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Office Space to Improve Company Culture

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At first glance, office layout, design choices, and furniture seem to have little to do with company culture itself. After all, work takes place on computer screens, phones, and paper.

However, office design has a major influence on how companies work and whether employees thrive and remain productive. Here are four essential tips on designing the optimal office space to reinforce company culture.

Invest In Quality Furniture

Office furniture is one of the most important contributing aspects to a company’s office design. Old, poorly designed furniture can detract from the workplace by giving it a shabby, outdated appearance.

Modern, up-to-date tables, chairs, and desks add professionalism to the environment and motivate employees to work more efficiently.

Office furniture choices that increase workers’ comfort are essential to productivity, as they lead to fewer postural issues and strain that poor quality furniture can cause in sedentary workers. Standing desks provide an innovative solution to the detrimental effects that workers often experience from sitting for several hours daily.

Choose Functional Office Accessories

Even subtle changes can introduce a positive impact to designing the ideal environment for company workers.

Office accessories such as monitor arms allow for more desk space by elevating computer screens. Monitor arms enable office employees to customize the heights of their monitors accordingly.

Another helpful desk accessory to add to every desk in your company’s workspace is a mount power block, some of which include USB plugs. This important item allows for a convenient alternative to having too many wires trailing to wall outlets.

Maximize Space

An important part of improving company culture means keeping the office as tidy and open as possible.

Small, cramped office spaces give employees an unwelcoming impression. Sufficient space isn’t exclusive to large offices only. The way you organize furniture in even a small office can influence whether your workspace feels cramped or spacious.

File cabinets provide the solution to organizing papers and storing away loose items such as extra pens or pencils. Mobile options provide an easy way to move file cabinets to convenient locations for optimal office layout.

Accessories such as magnetic wire managers or adjustable frame covers help tidy up office clutter by keeping cords organized and concealed.

Match Office Layout To Company Values

Depending on the overall culture and goals of your company, you may want to consider a few different office designs.

For a job that requires a lot of teamwork, it is a good idea to incorporate a comfortable, collaborative space where employees can sit together for most of the day or for discussions and meetings.

If your company is more focused on tasks that take a lot of individual, one-on-one attention, separate, quiet workspaces are ideal for optimal office conditions.

Design choices can either detract from or add to a company’s office environment. Investing in the latest office ergonomics and creating a spacious, streamlined layout will greatly boost professionalism and improve company culture.

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