Office Furniture Design Trends to Consider this Fall

As technology evolves and studies on the correlation between office design and productivity increase, many new office furniture and design innovations are taking over workplaces.

Here are four popular office design trends to consider for your workplace this fall.

Comfortable Furniture And Design

The reign of depressing, identical cubicles with uncomfortable chairs is coming to an end.

Many offices are increasingly adopting more comfortable setups that include personalized design, ergonomic chairs, and adjustable height desks.

Office spaces featuring custom designs that reflect company values give the workplace a unique, personalized look and avoid a dull, standardized appearance.

Companies often incorporate artwork, colored wall hangings, and comfortable seating options such as sofas in break areas to help employees feel more at home. 

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is an innovative way to integrate the outdoors and urban indoor spaces. 

Elements of nature, such as plants and wood paneling, contribute to workers’ sense of wellbeing. These positive effects on employees’ health lead to far more efficient, high-quality work in the office.

Houseplants in room corners, on desks and tables, are simple design touches that add life to a room. For first-floor offices, shrubs and trees outside next to windows have a similar enlivening effect on the office environment. 

Even ornamental plants and furniture or wall patterns that mimic the appearance of wood have similar positive effects on employees as their original counterparts. Real plants, however, have the added advantage of improving the quality of air.

Natural Lighting

An office that has plenty of windows is unsurprisingly the best way to let in natural light.

Lack of proper lighting can cause employees to feel tired and unmotivated. Regular exposure to sunlight, even through glass, combats these issues and helps workers feel awake and upbeat.

For this reason, many companies set up their main offices in rooms with large windows that allow in plenty of sunlight.

If your workplace doesn’t have a lot of windows, you can still enhance indoor lighting by keeping walls matte to maximize any sunlight. White or light-colored paint choices or decorations such as wall hangings and artworks can further enhance indoor lighting.

Flexible Office Setups

Some workplaces have a setup of multiple small, walled-off offices that keep employees apart, while others keep all employees seated around the same large table.

Both of these designs can have detrimental effects on employee productivity and wellbeing. Closed-off offices make teamwork difficult, while offices that are too open tend to be distracting.

A happy medium that many businesses are integrating into the workspace is a combination of private spaces for focus and open collaborative areas.

This way, employees can collaborate with colleagues easily while also benefiting from visiting unassigned spaces to accomplish specific tasks. A flexible setup offers the additional benefit of allowing workers to get up more often instead of sitting constantly.

Office furniture choices have a major impact on the efficiency and the well-being of employees.

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